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IFS Sri Lanka Employees Make 20 Million US Dollar Profit for Themselves


Dear IFS Employees,

Thanks to some of you we have very accurate information of the activities of the big IFS crooks. Thanks Sweden once again for your valuable input. Please keep sending any information leading to the exposure of these IFS criminals.

As a concerned employee I wish to enlighten your good selves the crookish behavior of the management of Industrial & Financial Systems Sweden and that of Sri Lanka.
Now what's the latest catch?

Senaratne, Welikala, Issac and Sverker Lundberg set up a property development company called "Homes & Villas (Pvt) Ltd in June 2003. And hired Issac the crook of BOI fame as their Company Secretary. Welikala's home is the registered address of this Company and in August 2003 Sverker Lundberg joined as a Director.

The Share Capital of Homes & Villas rocketed sky high from a meager Rs. 15 million to an astounding Rs 500 million within a short period of time.

Now they are one of the largest growing Property Developers in Sri Lanka.
They have purchased large extents of lands in the heart of Colombo and are currently into constructing massive apartment complexes at the following locations:

1. 189, Maha Vidyalaya Mawatha, Colombo 13. The Development Project is titled "Sea Crest Apartments". And consists of three blocks of towers each consisting of 15, 32, & 48 apartments respectively, & 96 apartments in total with 12 designs & configurations consisting of 2- 4 bed rooms with a Square Feet are of 815 to 1745 Square Feet.

The construction has already commenced and the project completion date is expected to be around October 2006. And the expected sales returns are well over Rs. 600 million. You may obtain a brochure from their Site.

Prices of these apartments are ranging from 5.2 million onwards.
Bank Loans can be arranged from their Bankers. (Pan Asia Bank)

2. Vandevert Place, Dehiwala. The development
itself is named "Kingston Court Residencies" & consists of 20- 40 luxury apartments at close proximity to the railway line. Completion of construction is expected to be around September 2005. And the expected Sales Revenue is estimated around Rs. 400 million. The Prices of these apartments are ranging from Rs. 6.5 Million upwards.

3. Koggala tourist resort. Construction is yet to begin.

4. New Chetty Street, in Colombo 11. They have just purchased the property which is just 200 Ft. down Chetty Street. According
to sources construction will commence in 3 months time.

5. No. 17 A, De Vos Avenue, Bambalapitiya. They have just purchased the property. Construction is to begin in 3 months time. The price of the apartments range from Rs. 7 Million upwards.

6. They have also purchased a Large dairy project inKandy.
Do you know that Issac is a Director of yet another Company by the name of C and J Property Developers (Pvt) Limited? This Company has been incorporated on 28th January 2004 ? And the Registered Office of the Company is at 17A, De Vos Avenue Colombo 4.
The Primary objects of this Company are to construct houses, apartments and /or villas for sale, rent or lease & to construct commercial and shopping
complexes and buildings for sale, rent or lease with the prior approval of the Board of investment of Sri Lanka.

The current market prices of both property and the planned constructions when completed are estimated to be worth around Rs. 7000 million. (US $ 70 million)
So how did these crooks grow from rags to riches so fast & beyond the skies?

Thanks to Hallen and IFS.

Do you know that Senaratne, Lundburg, Welikala, Bridgewater and Issac the devils team is much more powerful than Nilsson the crook and Hallen put together?

Senaratne is reported to have said in several gatherings that Bengt Nilsson and Sverker Lundburg are jointly working on several deals with him. What can they be?

Do you know that when IFS shareholders get to know the management and the operations of IFS Sri Lanka, definitely they won't be pleased?

So what can you do? Even if IFS fire the main evil crooks; Senaratne, Welikala, Lundburg, Bridgewater, Nilsson and Issac they cannot recover any of the money siphoned out upto date. But they can stop the money leakages with immediate effect & hopefully rest in peace with a far better image in Sri Lanka.

Do you know that there is a 2nd rung team of crooks also exploiting IFS Sri Lanka? We will talk about them later.

But why was this not exposed upto now. ? Because Lundburg, Nilsson and the Auditors gave all the protection to Senaratne and the other Sri Lankan

Do you know that Johann Senaratne and Lakshman Welikala set up a company by the name of "Software Solution Providers Pvt Ltd" in August 2002 in order to carry out software Development work for their own gain & glory?

Do you know that the registered office of this company is Welikala's own residence at No 7, Kirimandala Mawatha, Colombo 5 ?

Do you know who the shareholders of that company are? They are none other than Lakshman Welikala and Rajiv Welikala, Sajith Peris, Johann Senaratne, Priyantha Fernando, Kolitha de Silva and a company by the name of Creative Solutions. Issac the crook of BOI fame is once again holding the prestigious title "Company Secretary".

Do you know that work for this Company came from Sweden from none other than Johann Senaratne's, Jonas Bridgewater's, Bengt Nilsson's and Sverker Lundburg's contacts at IFS and the work itself was carried out by the poor IFS employees using IFS facilities in the very own IFS building and the revenue was shared by the above listed and unlisted shareholders? What a clean profit with all expenses paid by IFS?

Before the above company was set up the Senaratne/Welikala pair got Sajith Peris and Jonas Bridgewater involved in another scam and set up "Creative Solutions Limited" in March 2002, once again to develop software. And again using Issac the crook of BOI fame to be the Company Secretary.

For this company they had the following team of shareholders including their own family : Bridgewater, Sajith Peris, Senaratne, Louisa Platt, Dilini de
Silva, Nimal Silva and Dinesh de Silva. These people are all Johann's personal contacts. The share capital of this Company stood at Rs 500 million and the registered address is No. 19, Col T.G Jayah Mawata, Colombo 3.

So what was this company doing? Once again the same work as IFS using IFS labour, facilities and the IFS premises. Originally the activities of these companies were known and approved by Bengt Nilsson, but since of late all activities carried out are totally for Senaratne's benefit.

You may check Hong Kong Bank Account No. 004107389001 for the crooked activities of Creative Solutions. They do private software jobs and IFS is charged for it.
So who paid all the costs? Your guess is absolutely right. It was the IFS shareholders. This new & not so small Company shared all the benefits. Not as easily as that, the big guns, Senaratne and Welikala and Lundburg got the major share of the profits as the major crooks and the small time crook Bridgewater and others were left with a piece of scrap.

Do you know the reason behind Senaratne's argument to rob IFS? He says he got rid of IFS'S partner in Sri Lanka because with them around he didn't have a free hand to run IFS the way he wanted. Then he got his position and authority cleared by Nilsson the big time crook. And finally Senaratne was adjudged the one and only crookish Dictator at IFS Sri Lanka.

After establishing his position, he brought all his crookish friends to partner his team so that they in return could run and benefit from the the IFS business.

He brought Issac the crook who was fired by BOI for bribery and corruption as IFS's Company Secretary so that he has superior authority & better equipped to approve their corrupt deals. So that, in this way he could take the law into his hands till death do them part!
Johann brought brought his life time partner in crime from good olden days at Celltel, Lakshman Welikala to be his deputy and hatchet man to run IFS during Johann's absence from the country.

He kept Bridgewater the small time crook to aid & abet him & to cover up his actions from IFS's Swedish management and to look after the technical aspects of the business. In return as a reward for that he approved all his false expense claims of Bridgewater. He also sent his messenger, Bridgewater to attend to his family events in Sweden and covered up for him stating that he was on official business like the golden saying " you scratch my back and I'll scratch your!s".

So who was paying for all this? It was the same poor shareholders of IFS in Sweden.
Senaratne's argument always was that he saved millions of dollars for IFS Sweden from the commencement of operations in Sri Lanka. So what harm if he gets the benefit all to himself now that his hands are not so tied?

He claims that he should be awarded for getting rid of IFS's partner from inception. That itself is a massive saving of Millions of US $'s per year as dividend payments alone.

He was also pioneer in setting up a false accounting policy and got the incompetent auditors to approve and bless the system manyfold.

It was his brainchild to defraud the Sri Lankan Inland Revenue to the tune of US Dollar 12 million with the aid of the auditors. And to continue to do so.

So his argument is that he and his team of experienced crooks have robbed IFS Sweden to the tune of at least US Dollars 20 million and according to his thinking that he is justified in doing so.

Here comes the Juiciest part.

Don't you think that Senaratne cannot do what he is doing right now without a higher authority in the Financial and Accounting circles of IFS Sweden?

We have now been very clever in digging into the criminal link of IFS Sweden. Senaratne's link in IFS Sweden is none other than Sverker Lundberg, & Nilsson, the big crook's financial controller. He was also reputed to be a very big fraudster in Sweden.

The jist of these sad episodes are that when the management at the very top are robbing their own company, one cannot put a halt to the subordinates robbing the rest of the remains but to them "sky is the limit".

Now you can see why Johann Senaratne is very arrogant and bossy and calls Hallen a " piece of shit " who shits in his pants at the very sight of Senaratne !
Can you name one person Johann Senaratne associates closely, who is not a crook or criminal?

Adieu! For now.

Deep Throat

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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Welcom to the IFS Sri Lanka story site

Welcom to the IFS Sri Lanka web site

Thursday, June 16, 2005

IFS Deep Throat Release 2


Release 2.

Dear IFS Employees,

As a concerned citizen I wish to enlighten your goodselves the crookish behaviour of the management of Industrial & Financial Systems Sweden and
that of Sri Lanka.

Do you know that the IFS building in Wellawatta is not safe for occupation ?

Do you know that it has not got the "Certificate of conformity" from the
Colombo Municipal Council ?

Do you know that in case of a fire the Fire Brigade cannot enter the IFS
building premises ?

Do you know that the 10th floor, roof top, has no CMC approval to carry
water storage nor has the 30' tall squash court wall received CMC approval. That wall will definitely collapse onto Vihara Lane residents. Hallen, then who is going to pay the compensation when the IFS Building collapses onto Vihara Lane residents ? Hallen, then who is going to pay compensation to the employees of IFS who occupies the premises ?

Do you know the culprits behind this entire ugly episode?.

Your guess is as good as mine. It is none other than Johann Senaratne and his partner in crime Lakshman Welikala and the travel and business expenses notorious crook, Bridgewater.

You know that they made a lot of money in that deal for the purchase of the IFS premises.

Do you know who sold the building to the bunch of crooks?

It was one Wasantha Wijesekera a 2 bit lawyer.

After the sale, he bought a Hotel in Malaysia from the under valued

After that how did they make money ? Why? From the renovations and
refurbishments of the building. That is where they minted the money. From
the Air conditioning, paints from Singapore, stained glass from Dubai,
electrical wiring, computer cabling, furniture, fixtures and fittings etc etc
All are none other than Johann's friendly suppliers.,

Can you guess how much they made?.

Yes you are right, together the notorious gang made well over Rs. 100 million.

How are they making money now? Why? From the ongoing maintenance.

How come ?

Why? From all the services. Such as Air conditioning, security, catering,
building maintenance, supplies etc. etc. together the team is taking IFS for a jolly good ride!.

Do you know that Senaratne, Welikala and Bridgewater had robbed a cool Rs. 1200 million plus from the start of IFS operations in Sri Lanka. Because, there's no one to check them out.

So what are they doing with all the newly earned wealth ?

They invest.

On what ?

In Real Estate, tourism, shares, dairy and the list is unending.

Who are these investors ? Johann Senaratne, Welikala, Bridgewater and Issac.

Who is Issac. He is the man who was fired from BOI for misappropriating funds, corruption and bribery.

So aren't they a great team of crooks. Already the message is out that Issac has started to cheat his crookish partners.

Do you know that Senaratne, Welikala, Bridgewater and Issac are now into property development ?

They are putting up a large apartment complex at Kotahena. They are also currently planning to put up another apartment block in Bambalapitiya, and at New Chetty Street, Colombo 11.

Who is financing them ? You guessed right it is Michael Hallan and IFS Sri

Do you know that they are putting up a tourist resort in Koggala ?

Who is financing that ? It is again, Hallan and IFS Sri Lanka.

Who are going to be the tourist clientele ? Yes, it is going to be IFS employees and customers from Sweden.

Do you know that the mighty Senaratne bought and also inherited a very large extent of land next to La Kandyan and now has turned it over to a large Dairy ?

Do you know who is managing it. It is Welikala and his brother- in- law.

Who is financing that ?

You guessed right, it is once again Hallan and IFS Sri Lanka.

Do you know that Senaratne owns a fleet of vehicles ? An Intercooler jeep
a Pajero, 2 Mercedes Benz cars and 1 other vehicle.

Who is financing all this. It is again Hallan and IFS Sri Lanka.

Do you know that Welikala owes more than Rs. 70 millions to
Merchant Bank. He defrauded both his Swedish Joint Venture partner and the bank. The case is still going on.

So who has saved him now. Again, it is Hallan and IFS Sri Lanka.

Do you know that IFS cannot go to 'PEE" without the power hungry Senaratne and Welikala.

Now you know why Senaratne calls Michael Hallan a "piece of shit".

Do you know how many times Senaratne flies into Sri Lanka from Sweden using IFS funds to supervise and manage his "Business Empire" ?

You guessed right, about 20 times per year like just traveling to Kandy.
In his absence he has appointed Welikala to control & manage his business interests with an iron fist.

Do you know that when any important guest arrives from Sweden, only Senaratne and Welikala are allowed to be with them 100 % of the time. Why is that ?

Because that way all the villainy and the crooked transactions are kept a top secret well away from the guests.

Johann is right. Just like his Guru, the famous rogue Nilsson of aircraft fame has also said Hallan is nothing but a"whimp and a piece of shit" who cannot see what is going on under his "nose".

So how long will this gigantic enrichment of Senaratne, welikala, Issac and Bridgewater continue at the expense of the IFS Shareholders ?

You are right. As long as Bengt Nilsson the "crook" and Hallan the "piece of shit" is running IFS Sri Lanka with the "Mafia" Senaratne.

What is IFS's future ? IFS building has to be demolished and reconstructed again. Say another US $ 15 million will definitely have to be re-invested.

If the building collapses before that and say 200 employees dies and another 200 gets injured then the compensation payment can well be over + - US $ 200 million.

Income tax penalty and tax defrauded total, say another US $ 20 million for all the IFS companies operating in Sri Lanka.

On account of all these IFS share price erosion in Sweden, say US $ 100 million.

Loss of Potential and existing customers, say US $ 100 million.

Loss of morale and productivity of all IFS employees worldwide, say US $ 50 million. etc etc

So you know why Senaratne calls Michel Hallan a "piece of shit". No action, no decision, no foresight and a Jumbo dumbo.

Senaratne says that he still gets his orders from Nilsson the crook. That is the channel he uses to draw the strength to rob IFS.

Adios, until next time.

Deep Throat
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Wait paitently for Release 3 soon.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Deep Throat Release 1

Dear IFS Employees,

As a concerned citizen I wish to enlighten your goodselves the crookish behaviour of the management of Industrial & Financial Systems Sweden and that of Sri Lanka.

The ex- President by the name of Bengt Nilsson of IFS Sweden was adjudged the all time crook in Sweden of aircraft fame.

Following its leaders footsteps IFS Sri Lanka nurtured crookish management since the top management were crooks.

IFS Sri Lanka purchased a condemned sleezy hotel which was earlier used as a brothel to make IFS Sri Lanka"s Head office building.

IFS spent an enormous amount of money to purchase this rundown dilapitated building and carry out extentions and renovations to the building at exhorbitent costs which now needs to be demolished.

If only the IFS directors in Sweden had a wee bit of brains they should have plotted out Johan Senaratne the crooks, crooked plot.

Wasantha Wijesekera who owned the hotel and Johan Senaratna & Lakshman Welikala were ex-employees of CELLTEL Lanka Limited..

Wasantha Wijesekera, Johan Senaratne and Laksman Welikala schemed to sell the condemmed building (Ceylon Inns) to IFS.

They under valued the selling price and told a different price to IFS Sweden to purchase this building. Yohan Senaratne together with Lakshman Welikala made about Rs. 50 million on this crooked deal.

IFS subsequently paid Wasantha Wijesekera black money under the carpet in Malaysia and transferred the premises in its name.

Do you know that from the money that was paid under the Carpet, Wasantha Wijesekera purchased a Hotel in Malaysia?

Do you know that after purchasing this building that IFS put up 3 more stories?.

The underlying question is how can a Public Company in Sweden release the funds to purchase a condemned building and to pay a large sum of money under the carpet.

Do you know that the Certificate of Conformity has not been issued by the Municipal Council?

The Colombo Municipal Council is unable to issue the Certificate of Conformity since The Fire Brigade approval has not yet been granted.

IT is a well known fact that the aforementioned crooks are trying their level best to bribe the Colombo Municipal Council and the Fire Brigade Officials.

The employees numbering over 400 at IFS is in a pathetic sorry risky situation in case fire breaks out, as the Fire Brigade cannot enter the premises.

It is little known of the bribes given to the Colombo Municipal Council & the Fire Brigade in order for the IFS to occupy the said building.

One could never know how any insurance Company is going to pay compensation in case of a fire.

Do you know that this building can collapse at any time?

Do you want to take such a great risk and work in this building?

We would like to emphasize that your lives are at risk working in this building.

What is the use of being compensated when you are dead.

Senarathne/Welikala pair paid a bribe to Professor Dias of Moratuwa University to say that the building is safe for occupancy. Now you know the true story.

Yohan Senaratna dumped IFS's partner in Sri Lanka in order to rob IFS in style and brought his partner in crime Lakshman Welikala into the picture. Together they are robbing IFS in style.

Yohan Senaratne together with Lakshman Welikala have together earned to the tune of well over Rs. 50 Million each from the purchase of the building, carrying out the construction, refurbishment and repairs and maintenance to the building.

When Michael Hallen arrived in Sri Lanka these two did up the floor of the building which now needs to be re-done once again. Again a tidy some of money was earned.

How can one stop these crooks from continuing with these unlawful illegal behaviour as IFS Directors in Sweden themselves are crooks.

IFS Sweden is blackmailed by the Yohan Senaratne & Lakshman Welikala team. They are milking IFS Sri Lanka in style daily.

You know that IFS has incorporated 3 new Companies in order to defraud the tax man and evade taxes?

Why is'nt the tax man raiding the IFS building? Are they also bribed. By IFS. They owe the government more than Rs. 1000 million in taxes.

We hear that a Company called Creative Solutions Limited has been ioncorporated by the Senaratne & Welikala team together with its small time crook Johnas Bridgewater, the newest entrant to the crookish team.

This new Company which is operating in the IFS building and is known to carry out their private contracts by siphoning IFS work for the crookish team's personal gain.

Bridgewater is very scared of Senaratne Mafia. Therefore he reluctantly supports him for his survival.

Bridgewater is also a crook. He plays out IFS on business entertaintment and Foreign travel.

Do you care to know that Welikala's entire family is involved with the management of this Company so that he together with his family could rob IFS even to greater heights?

Do you know that the Volvo car purchased by IFS is used by Lakshman Welikala from the date of purchase?

Do you also know that all expenses relating to the Volvo car are been borne by the Company?

You may check Hong Kong Bank Account No. 004107389001 for the crooked activities of Creative Solutions. They do private software jobs and charge IFS.

Are you aware that the Senaratne, Welikala and Brigewater team have for years been working with a travel agency to purchase all airtickets and are earning a massive commission.

Their air tickets are said to be far more expensive than the travel trade rates.

Why is'nt IFS Board of Directors not examining books of accounts of IFS Sri Lanka?

Also how is it that IFS auditors Coopers in Sweden not checking into the crookish accounts of IFS Sri Lanka?

Do you know that IFS Sri Lanka is extremely top heavy? All the directors of IFS Sri Lanka as well as IFS directors in Sweden are robbing IFS globally.

That is why they don't make profits.

Do you know that Senaratne is a dictator?,

Because he is the closest ally to Bengt Nilsson the big crook.

Johan Senaratne treats the puppet President Michael Hallen like a piece of shit.

He is reported to have said that "if Hallen rocks the boat in Sri Lanka, he will have to go". Hallen and Bridgewater are shit scared of him.

Do you know that Welikala and his family's retreat in Negombo area, has seen vast improvements in their lifestyles for the past 2 years thanks to Senaratne & IFS connection?.

Can you guess how much money they rob from IFS every month through all kinds of services they provide to IFS. Now they had begun to use third parties to front them.

Do you know that Senaratne, Welikala and Bridgewater asked many employees to resign from one IFS company and to join another IFS company?.

In that process how many employees lost their jobs. That was yet another one of the ploys used to sack employees who in the eyes of Senaratne were thought to be potential trouble makers.

Do you know the power Senaratne would possess over all the directors and senior managers of IFS?.

If any one of them crosses his path either they loose their promotions or loose their increments or he will make their life a living hell so that they will eventually be compelled to leave.

Do you know that Senaratne and Welikala hand picks all the suppliers to IFS and collets commission?.

Do you know that Senaratne has bought a large extent of prime land in Kandy and is currently into developing it.

From where is he getting the money? Your guess is as good as mine.

Do you know that Senaratne comes to Sri Lanka at least 12 times a year using IFS funds to supervise his assets and revenue development?. In his absence he has appointed Welikala to look after his business interests.

It is a very sad state of affairs to see that IFS is rapidly loosing their friends and their image and dying a sudden death in Sri Lanka.

They are looked upon as a company run by a many crooks and they have come to Sri Lanka to rob Sri Lankan authorities of their dues and to abuse our system.

Currently the employees are waiting to leave IFS as soon as they can find alternative employment.

Do you know that Johan Senaratne is a confirmed HomoSexual?. He was keeeping a Chinese man in both Hongkong and Singapore.


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